Epic Studying


When I have to do some hard-core studying (like tonight) I like to play epic movie soundtracks through Pandora. I imagine that this music will be playing during a montage scene during a movie based on my life.

The premise of the montage scene is that before Steve saved the world, he had to go through the rigors of medical school. The epic music will start, and a scene will show me listening intently during lecture (maybe even raising my hand!), then cut to me studying hard at my desk surrounded by stacks of books and journal articles, then confidently passing an examination and so on. Can’t you just picture it?

It’s going to be awesome.

On a related note, this is one of the best movie montages of all time!

You’re the best, around… nothing’s gonna ever keep you down!”

Ok, back to studying or my dream of my own movie montage will never come true cause I failed out of med school.

Blogs: Ya Gotta Love’em

One thing I love about the internet: you never run out of interesting stuff to read. This can be an issue in medical school, but heck, I had a fairly easy couple weeks (it happens! at least at my school) and I can get away with a little surfing now and then.

Anyway, here are a few great blogs I’ve discovered recently:

Med Student and Pre Med Blogs

A New York med student. Entertaining and well written. Also, he/she writes about books, I like that.

A pre-med who writes about sciency stuff (very descriptive, I know). Bonus points for living in Oregon. Also, cool pictures!

Global Health Blogs

Excellent, well, global health ideas. Cool.

Combining gadgets, medical technology and international development. A sweet mix.

Bonus Article

I love this article. It is a fascinating look at reducing medical care costs by giving people better care (and therefore keeping them out of the hospital).

That’s all for now. Have you found any great blogs recently? (Feel free to say this one!)

A Real Med Student

Today I felt like a real med student.

I actually interacted with real patients, with real problems in a real hospital. Really.

For better or worse, our school does not facilitate clinical opportunities for med students in the first year. We practice talking with patient’s a lot, but they are just actors. And honestly, we are mostly clueless when it comes to medicine so I understand why it’s not a big priority to get us clinical experience in the first year.

But today was different for me. I shadowed a hospitalist at the local children’s hospital. This was not a required thing, just an opportunity offered that I thought would be interesting.

I was expecting to just follow the physician around, so I was a little surprised when she asked me, “Do you know how to take a history?”

“Oh… yeah.”

I don’t think I came across entirely confident so she gave me a brief run-down of what she was looking for. It was all stuff I had learned, and actually had a bit of experience watching it done back when I was an ER Scribe.

Anyway, I took histories from two families about their sick kids. I think it went pretty well. I was a little more awkward on the first interview as I paused a few times to think of my next question. The second flowed more smoothly and I thought was more complete.

When I finished my first report, the physician said, “ That was very thorough and will be helpful for me. Nice work, thank you.”

Wahoo! Ok, maybe she was just being nice knowing I’m just a first year. But let’s say not for the sake of my ego.

It was a ton of fun and a great change of pace from the lectures and exams that dominate this first year. I’m looking forward to doing it again.