MD Journey is Three Years Old!

Three years ago today I started Pre Med Journey and documented my journey applying to medical school as well as stories from my job as an ER Scribe.

In fact, my first post ever is titled “What is an ER Scribe?”

Last summer I purchased the name and transferred all the content to this new domain. The move reflected the new focus of the site on my journey through med school.

As the site moves forward I will continue to write about my experiences in medical school, and still plan on releasing an e-book on the first year this August. Here are a few other ideas I have for the site:

  • More articles focusing on medical student issues such as mental health in medical school and dealing with the ridiculous amounts of debt we are accumulating.
  • A series exploring how to choose a specialty. I would love to interview residency directors around the country and have them talk about why their specialty is awesome and what they are looking for in applicants.
  • Have guest med students write about their experiences.

What do you think? Do you have any ideas?

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Grand Rounds At The Prepared Patient Forum

Grand Rounds, a collection of the best blog posts surrounding medicine from the last week is at The Prepared Patient Forum. Check it out!

Some day soon I’ll have an entry to Grand Rounds and maybe I’ll host it in the future as well. If you’re a blogger with any focus on medicine, consider submitting a post to Grand Rounds.

Applying to Medical School this Summer?

Two years ago I started the medical school application process. I learned a few things along the way and thought I’d highlight some of my past articles that I think are helpful for the application process.

This is a checklist of the most important things to keep track of while applying.

The Financial Cost of Applying to Medical School – Applying is expensive, this is a breakdown of what I spent to apply.

And this is how I saved money during the application process.

How To Use Google Docs to Streamline the Application Process. I found Google Docs to be incredibly helpful.

Thoughts on Interviews.

I hope these articles are helpful for you as you navigate the winding journey to medical school.

Update: Ryan at Practical Premed offers another viewpoint on using the internet to streamline the application process: How to Hack Secondaries with Google Docs and SDN.