A Great Compliment

A few days ago we received evaluations from doctors we have worked with. Most of the ER Scribes on our team are new this year and have worked for about 6-7 months, and this was the first time we received any feedback since training.

Here is what one of the doctors wrote on my eval:

“One of my favorite scribes! Reminds me of myself 12-15 years ago.”

What a nice thing to read. It helps that it was from a doctor that I like and respect.

Anyway, it was great to get some feedback. I feel lucky to have this job.

4 thoughts on “A Great Compliment”

  1. Well I can tell you that you are wrong. I am a Master of Biomedical Science holder with a 3.9 GPA and 32 MCAT, over 1500 hours of EMT vouentlering, 300 hours of medical research, and 100 hours of shadowing and hospital vouentlering. I have received multiple acceptances from MD schools, but yet have decided to attend a DO school because I am leaning toward a field in primary care and am very interested in preventative medicine. So maybe you should grow up and stop assuming things just because you know someone going to a DO school. With any profession, DO or MD, you will have quack doctors and amazing doctors. Sorry your brother in law fell into the quack category, but you’re obviously following his footsteps with that mindset. +3Was this answer helpful?

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