A Phone Call

The phone rang clear and sharp, cutting through the quiet evening. The young woman looked at the screen, a puzzled expression across her face. She did not recognize the number.


“Hello, is Rebecca available?”

“This is her,” she answered.

“Hi Rebecca. I’m calling on behalf of Creighton University School of Medicine. I have some good news for you. A spot has opened up in this year’s medical school class and we want to offer it to you.”

Rebecca drew in a startled breath. What?

“Rebecca, are you there?”

“Yes… I’m just, well, surprised.”

She heard a slight chuckle. “Yes, it is late in the process. While we understand you may need some time to think about it, as school starts so soon we will need to know your decision in two hours.”

“I don’t need two hours,” Rebecca responded quickly, finally finding the words. “I gratefully accept and will be there as soon as possible.”

“That is great news. Congratulations Rebecca, and welcome to Creighton’s School of Medicine.”

Rebecca said thank you and hung up. Thoughts flooded her mind. I’m going to medical school. I’m going to be a doctor.

She smiled.


Orientation at Creighton starts tomorrow. Today I met up with a friend I have worked with in the past who was also planning on starting at Creighton tomorrow. We had a great chat, we talked about Omaha and our fears in starting medical school.

I received a phone call from him later this evening, he told me he was accepted off the waitlist at his state school. The day before orientation. He’s headed back home tomorrow.

I congratulated him. While he made it clear he would have loved to be at Creighton, he knows his state school is the right place for him.

I reflected on our conversation this evening. My thoughts wondered to what it would be like to get an acceptance phone call this late in the game, so my imagination conjured up that story. Congrats to whoever received that call, I’m looking forward to being your classmate.

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