A Year in Review

Yes, I know it’s been 2011 for almost a month. Sometimes life is a little crazy and it doesn’t allow you to reflect as properly as you should. A lot has happened in the last year of my life. Here are a few of the big events:

I finished up the interview trail about mid February. I went on seven interviews total, most on the west coast. Finishing interviews was a huge relief: all the hard work in the application process was done. Of course, then I had to wait to hear back from all those schools.

I stopped working as an ER Scribe at the end of March. This was bittersweet, I loved the job, but it was demanding in many ways. I was ready to move on to something else.

This happened in April as I travelled to Peru with my girlfriend. We spent about two months volunteering in Cusco and then explored the rest of the country for 3 weeks. Peru was awesome. Highlights: observing 20 births in the clinic we volunteered at, climbing to Machu Picchu at 5AM to catch the sunrise and surviving a grueling trail down into a crazy deep canyon to be rewarded with some incredible hot springs.

Upon returning to the states we celebrated my brother’s wedding. Go hermano! (And new hermana!)

While in Peru, I was fairly certain I would be attending Des Moines University for med school. This changed when I was accepted at Creighton a few weeks before school was to start, yikes! I chose Creighton and have loved it so far.

My girlfriend and I moved out to Omaha in August (Rachel is amazing!). I started orientation and then school. I proposed to Rachel in September and we decided to get married in December!

Five days after my Molecular and Cellular Biology final I married my best friend. It was the coolest wedding I’ve ever been to. : )

And that’s my brief recap of the year. I travelled around the country for interviews, quit my job, went to Peru, was accepted into medical school, moved to a new city to start medical school, proposed to my girlfriend and got married. Not a bad year!

6 thoughts on “A Year in Review”

  1. Peru sounds awesome! What is your opinion on taking time off before med school? As opposed to 4 years in undergrad and then straight to med school…

  2. I am glad I took some time off. I would do it over again, although I took 2 years off and at times I wished I would have had just 1 year off.

    But it’s really up to you. I think a person grows and matures a lot with some time off from school.

  3. I used to live in Omaha – about 10 years ago. It used to be a really sketchy place before the refurbishment of downtown. Sounds like you’ve had a real banner year – congratulations. Love your blog.

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