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Some of my posts contain affiliate links, usually to Amazon. What this means is that if you clink on the link and then purchase something from Amazon, I will get a very small commission. It is a small way for me to combat the high costs of medical school and keep my loan amounts lower.

If you choose to purchase something through one of these links, thank you for your support! Know that I will never link to a product solely for the purpose of financial gain. I like and believe in all the things I link to.

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  1. No one on earth would choose’ a DO deerge if they could get into any MD program. Honestly, this we are just as good as them propaganda only makes DOs look more pathetic. As a patient, ask yourself a simple question-do you want someone with an average 22 MCAT score and 2.0 undergrad gpa or do want someone with a brain that has efficient training? My brother in law is getting a DO now and he is a complete idiot who couldn’t get into any medical school but tells people he chose’ DO school. Yeah right. Just accept what everyone knows, that DO school is a last resort for those who could never be MDs. You are not fooling anyone. It is like saying I got into Harvard law school but choose to be a paralegal instead. +1Was this answer helpful?

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