Anatomy Is Hard and Other Deep Thoughts

My first quiz in medical school is tomorrow. So naturally, I’m writing on my blog.

Actually I feel fairly prepared. The amount of material we have covered in less than two weeks is staggering (as in, I feel like I’m studying for finals just for this quiz), but I am fortunate in that much of it I have covered in previous undergraduate courses. I know some of my classmates are not so lucky.

I have a couple photos I want to share. Here’s a picture of me studying at a coffee shop last weekend:


This was taken by my wonderful girlfriend who has an eye for photography.

Here’s an idea of how I’m trying to review for things, including the brachial plexus in anatomy: 


And finally, here are a few thoughts/observations from the first two weeks of med school:

My classmates are awesome. I feel incredibly lucky to be surrounded by such great people. They are passionate about medicine, committed to service and just generally fun to be around.

Cadaver smell is hard to get off your hands.

Anatomy is difficult.

While the amount of info is high, it is still doable and I do have free time on my hands. This may change if I completely bomb this quiz.

In many ways, I’m looking forward to demonstrating what I know. I may be strange, but one of my favorite things about school is performing confidently on a test. It’s a challenge to overcome, and if I am prepared taking a test can actually be a satisfying experience.

That’s all I’ve got for now. Until next time, peace.

2 thoughts on “Anatomy Is Hard and Other Deep Thoughts”

  1. 1. The brachial plexus sucks and no one will ever ask you about it again after anatomy.
    2. Key to avoiding anatomy lab smelly hand syndrome:
    a.) apply layer of hand lotion to hands
    b.) apply one layer of gloves
    c.) apply thin layer of plain petroleum jelly to first glove
    d.) apply second layer of gloves
    e.) discard and repeat every day.

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