Back To School, Infectious Disease Style

I can’t get this out of my head today.

After an hour long orientation this morning, year 2 started off with a bang. Three solid hours of Infectious Disease, and I feel like I need to review it all evening.

Orientation was fun, mostly a lot of administrators saying things like “this is a tough year” or “this is going to be a hard year” or “the course load this year is challenging.” That made us all feel great.

I really do think Infectious Disease is going to be fun. Tomorrow we are culturing our own urine… which is a little odd now that I think about it.

But yeah, the rest of the year should be good. We have clinic every other week which means I get to see actual patients. Our courses are more clinically oriented than last year. I’m not the bottom of the totem pole in school any more.

Good luck to all of you beginning school soon!

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