Creighton Joins Alegent Health: What Does it Mean for Medical Students?

There was big news this week as Creighton University and Alegent health creighton_universityentered into a “long term strategic affiliation”. What exactly does this mean? Here’s how I understand it:

– Alegent Health will take over operations of Creighton University Medical Center as well as their physician group, Creighton Medical Associates.

– Creighton students will eventually have more opportunities to getalegent health experience at Alegent sites around Omaha. Bergan-Mercy was specifically mentioned as a possible site for exposure to maternity care.

– There will be an addition of about 130 attending physicians from the Alegent group to potentially teach students.

– The academic/educational process will be overseen only by Creighton University. How this will be affected by the hospital being owned by another entity is not entirely clear.

– We’ll most likely be switching EMRs to EPIC. I really don’t like our current EMR so this is good news to me.

– We have been told there will be very little changes to rotations for this upcoming academic year.

Overall this seems to be a very positive development for Creighton University and specifically the medical school. Our dean seemed legitimately excited about the opportunity. It should expand clinical learning opportunities as well as make sure we have enough space for all our professional health schools (medicine, dental, nursing, PT, OT, pharmacy).

My only concern is what will happen when conflicts arise between what our university thinks is best for our education and what Alegent thinks is best for it’s hospitals. This was brought up in our Q&A regarding our simulation center in the hospital. Our dean re-assured us that Alegent knows it needs to stay around. But is there any obligation for Alegent to comply? Does Creighton have any leverage in the matter after giving up ownership in the hospital? I imagine these sorts of issues have been discussed and hopefully worked out but the answers given were not very concrete.

Anyway, check out this PR video highlighting the affiliation. It’s entertaining just for the corporate-speak dropped throughout the video. Our university president actually uses the word “synergy” which I’ve only heard in the context of 30 Rock.

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