Epic Studying


When I have to do some hard-core studying (like tonight) I like to play epic movie soundtracks through Pandora. I imagine that this music will be playing during a montage scene during a movie based on my life.

The premise of the montage scene is that before Steve saved the world, he had to go through the rigors of medical school. The epic music will start, and a scene will show me listening intently during lecture (maybe even raising my hand!), then cut to me studying hard at my desk surrounded by stacks of books and journal articles, then confidently passing an examination and so on. Can’t you just picture it?

It’s going to be awesome.

On a related note, this is one of the best movie montages of all time!

You’re the best, around… nothing’s gonna ever keep you down!”

Ok, back to studying or my dream of my own movie montage will never come true cause I failed out of med school.

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