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Good will hunting

I just watched Good Will Hunting. What a great movie. Will Hunting is a troubled young genius in need of some direction in his life. Who to turn to in such a time of need? Robin Williams of course!

Maybe some of you can relate to the burden of superior brainpower and the subsequent need for guidance. Maybe you can’t read/memorize books in a few minutes like Will, but hey, you want to be a doctor so you must have something up there. Which brings to the best advice you’ll ever hear from me.

Find a mentor. Find several mentors.

One thing pre meds often lack is humility. It’s harsh but true; sometimes we think we know everything, and I am no exception.

The truth is, most pre med students are young and have not been able to develop the wisdom that time often brings. This is where a mentor comes in. Find someone you trust and respect and set up a time to meet with them regularly.

Ideally this would be someone significantly older than you and who can teach you a little about life.

I had three mentors during my college days. Honestly, it can be so refreshing to sit down and chat with someone who is not a fellow student. In my mentors I found stimulating conversation and guidance for my future. I also learned how to sit down and have a normal conversation with a fellow adult, one who is older and who you respect, but who does not look down on you.

It may take some effort to find someone, but it will be worth it. Trust me.

2 thoughts on “Find a mentor. Now.”

  1. Hi steve,

    I just found your blog and I’ve taken some time to sort back to your older posts and this one really caught my eye.

    I am a premed student that applied back in 2011 to 20 schools and received not even 1 interview. I wasn’t too surprised because although my GPA was alright… my MCAT score was low (26) and I really had nothing more to show for (clinical, research etc). I spent two years getting a masters and two publications. Now I am working full time in a research lab and part time as an ER scribe (which is how I came across your blog in the first place). I plan to retake my MCAT in January.

    When I was in college I had an HPEC adviser but she was mostly discouraging, telling me I should consider alternative career paths because becoming a doctor was not in my future. Since then Ive had a really hard time being 100% open and honest about my stats to another person. I know that I need a mentor but I have no idea who I can turn to because at this point in my life I need encouragement and support and not people telling me Im not cut out for something because of my scores on the MCAT. If you have any advice/thoughts about how I can set up a good mentor relationship that would be great. Thanks a lot!

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