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  1. I enjoyed reading this post. I was curious whether working as a scribe was your only medical experience prior to medical school. Did you do any other work that was more direct patient care? I’ve considered applying for a scribe job, but my advisor says it’s not as valuable as getting hands on experience working with patients. I understand that, but I can see where scribe work could be extremely helpful. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  2. Hi KG. That is an interesting point and worth consideration. It’s true that you don’t get a lot direct patient contact working as a Scribe (although that is not always the case, I have talked with scribes who would take the history from the patient without the physician even there, but I think that is rare). However in place of patient contact you get experience working and communicating with doctors and nurses in a way that very few health care jobs will give you.

    I did have some more hands on experience volunteering in some free clinics (during some free summers in college) however based on my experience so far my work as a Scribe has been more valuable in preparing me for med school and I hope in preparing me to be a physician.

    Anyway, there is no right answer. If you have an opportunity to work in a job or volunteer experience that gives you some great patient interaction then go for it.

  3. I thought your post was informative. I am also looking for ER scribe positions available before I apply for PA school. How did you find the ER scribe job you were looking for in your area? Any suggestions you have for me will be greatly appreciated!

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