I Need Your Help! Opinions on Fitness and Nutrition in College

I need some quotes!

Student Health 101 liked my last article and it which will be published in June. You may recall I asked for your help with that article a while back, thank you to those who responded!

My next article is about fitness and nutrition tips to get the year started right, to be published in September. Here is what I’m curious about:

What are the biggest challenges for college students to eat healthy  and exercise?

In your opinion, what are the best ways for college students to get exercise?

Do you feel that your fellow students take nutrition and exercise seriously? Why or why not?

If you want to help me out, answer any or all of the questions and write to me either by email (steve at mdjourney.com) or use my contact form. Please include your name, university and year in school.

Thanks in advance!

P.S. A recap of my first year is on it’s way soon, I promise.

One thought on “I Need Your Help! Opinions on Fitness and Nutrition in College”

  1. Hey Steve,

    The biggest challenge I’ve faced with nutrition and exercise is finding the energy and time to do it. When I started studying for the MCAT there were a lot of times where I had free time that I could divert to either MCAT or the gym and the closer the test date drew, the more likely I was to skip out on the gym. The same is partially true with my med school applications; I’m finding myself working on my app rather than putting in the time for exercise.

    I’ve found that while I have cut back drastically on the traditional sense of going to the gym to “work out” by lifting weights, I’ve been able to still stick to “fun” exercise such as intramural (ultimate frisbee, water polo, basketball). To me, these are less of a chore and more of a relaxing time for me to de-stress from my other commitments.

    The one things that I find particularly motivating for exercise is a passage I found in the 4-Hour Body by Tim Ferriss. The author tells a story about a person who asked Richard Branson (CEO of Virgin, Inc.) how to be more motivated/productive. Branson simply answered “Exercise.” This story has stuck with me and is a kick in the butt when I feel I can constantly push exercise to the side in favor of more “work.”

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