Lecture Pet Peeves

After enduring hundreds of lectures during medical school, I’ve noticed a few things that professors do (or fail to do) during lecture that drive me crazy.  I’ve often asked myself, “How would I lecture to medical students?”

With that in mind, here are a few guidelines I’ve come up that I hope to follow whenever I get the opportunity to lecture.

I will:

  • make sure all animations, videos and internet links work before I start the lecture.
  • limit the number of PowerPoint slides to something reasonable. We’ve had lectures for which we were given 180 slides. For a fifty minute lecture.  That is an average of 16.67 seconds per slide. Poor trees.
  • finish the lecture on time or even a couple minutes early.
  • ask multiple choice questions during the lecture. While most of these are based on negative things lecturers have done, this is something I have really appreciated. It gets us thinking during the lecture and gives us an idea of the type of questions that will be asked on tests.
  • speak with a little passion about the topic! I will avoid a monotone voice for an hour.
  • throw in a couple jokes, even if they are really cheesy.

I realize this list makes me sound like a whiny med student. Which is true! Med students are really good at complaining, myself included! But regardless it feels good to get those out there.

Do you have any lecture pet peeves?

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