MCAT Examkrackers Complete Study Package: A Med Student’s Review

Are you considering the Examkrackers MCAT Complete Study Package? Read my review first!Examkrackers complete package

The MCAT can make or break your medical school application. Choosing how to study for the MCAT is important and should be considered carefully. There are basically two options:

I knew I could study well on my own. After exploring pre med forums, it was clear that the Examkrackers books were the most popular option among successful MCAT test takers. What follows is a brief review of the MCAT Examkrackers Complete Study Package.


  • Comprehensive. The Examkrackers books cover Biology, Organic Chemistry, Chemistry, Physics, and Verbal Reasoning in great detail. The necessary formulas to memorize are clearly displayed. All the material is relevant to what you may encounter on the MCAT.
  • Easy to Understand. The books are written in plain English with a light-hearted tone, tossing in cheesy jokes without compromising the material.
  • Colorful. You´d be surprised how this makes studying the books more attractive.
  • Great Practice Questions. Practice questions are key to mastering the MCAT.


  • Writing section. The preparation for the writing section is weak and downplays it´s importance. I took this advice and scored poorly on the writing section.


I loved the Examkrackers Complete Study Package and was very pleased with my score of 32 on the MCAT. Click here to check out the Examkrackers Books at Amazon. It is well worth the investment.

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10 thoughts on “MCAT Examkrackers Complete Study Package: A Med Student’s Review”

  1. I wish I had found more accurate information when considering MCAT prep, so I thought this might be a good place to share my experience.

    I signed up for an EK live “CBT Review” class, costing $2000 for 9 weeks of classes. They promise engaging subject review, in-class testing and review and 5 administered CBTs to prepare you for the actual test. Their claim for the administered CBTs? “Our exams are the best possible simulations of the MCAT because they are actual AAMC exams. Our students have the benefit of full explanations and course analysis for each exam.”

    This is completely FALSE.

    First the classes. Granted with any of these prep companies the experience will depend largely on the quality of the instructor and it can be totally hit or miss. However, Examkrackers course material is based entirely on their books, and the in-class tests and review is all provided in the back of the book. In my class, the instructor did little more than read the book and explanations to the class. In other words, buy the books for $200 and you’ll get essentially same experience. Though it’s also worth mentioning that the books were published in 2007 and won’t reflect any recent changes to material emphasis on the actual MCAT.

    Now the tests. For me, the most upsetting thing is the “administered CBTs.” In fact, Examkrackers does nothing more than provide you with codes to take 5 of the 8 online tests available from AAMC. The most this would cost a student is $175. Examkrackers does not provide any review of these tests, no explanations or analysis. AAMC already provides answers and explanations, and that is all that is available. The sample essay section is completely ungraded and you will get no feedback on that. In fact, an EK representative will tell you that Examkrackers has no access to your CBT scores or info. Additionally, you are responsible to find a place to take the tests on your own and absolutely nothing is provided in terms of space, computers, proctoring or simulating the actual MCAT experience. Even more upsetting, I have since found out that at most every other prep company provides access to all 8 of the AAMC exams, in addition to their own actual practice tests and other materials.

    Unfortunately I did not actually find most of this out until I began the class and only had 2 months before my MCAT (since runs their 9 week course to end right before you take the exam). Thus, I’m left without the option to enroll in a different program. To add insult to injury, Examkrackers has a terrible refund policy, wherein after 2 weeks the most they will refund you is about 40% of the cost. $1200 gone for 1 e-mact and 5 books from 2007.

    If you think you need a structured class, do your research and make sure you understand everything that is offered and promised and compare your options. And if I were to do it again, I would absolutely not choose Examkrackers.

  2. Wow thanks for that feedback. I am thinking of taking the EK review in 2 months. Now I have to rethink. This information is very helpful.

  3. Greetings,

    I am in the midst of studying for my MCAT, again. I bought all the examcracker books last year, but now switched to the Princeton review. WHile I like the TPR books, I really miss the Examcrackers strategy. I am thinking about renting a car and driving to my storage place to retrieve the books to find what the examcracker physical strategy and biology strategy were. Can you please tell me if you remember. Was it not reading the passage? If it is the same as TPR then I won’t get them since I do have all the 1001 series here, but it does not talk about strategy.

    And if you used it did you find it helpful? Blessings to you

    Thank you

  4. Hi,
    I am taking the MCAT during the summer and I tried to study on my own but it’s just not working out for me. So now I am trying to enroll in a MCAT class, but I am not sure which one to choose the Examkrackers or Kaplan class. Have you heard anything about any of these classes?

  5. I have not heard much about the Examkrackers classes, but I do know some people who have found the Kaplan class helpful. Good luck!

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