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The MCAT is a big deal. It tests your basic science knowledge, but more importantly your critical thinking and reading comprehension skills. Medical schools need a way to figure out not just whether you can memorize facts or understand biological concepts. They want to know if you have the brain capacity, focus and work ethic to handle the rigors of medical school. The MCAT is one way they determine that.
If you know very little about the MCAT, here are some links to get you started.

The MCAT is administered by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC). Here is their main site.

Here is their site on the MCAT.

Kaplan and The Princeton Review both offer practice MCATs online.
The Kaplan test is here.
Try The Princeton Review test here.

The forums have a great MCAT discussion page which you can check out here.

Also check out this thread on the forums. It is all posts form people who scored 30 or above on the MCATs. They share their own tips and methods for studying.

Ok, that’s all for now. I’ll be writing more about the MCATs in the future. I’m in the process of studying for them now, so if you’re in the same boat, I feel your pain!

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