Netter Atlas of Human Anatomy: A Med Student’s Review

There’s no way around it; learning Anatomy is hard. The Netter Atlas of Human Anatomy makes it easier. Netter Atlas

I just finished a grueling semester of Anatomy in medical school. While trying to absorb a dizzying amount of information about Anatomy, the Netter Atlas has been my rock, a steady hand during a turbulent time.

I haven’t purchased many textbooks for medical school. Netter was highly recommended by the seasoned medical students. After I purchased it I found out why. Simply put, it is the best resource (outside of actually being in the anatomy lab) to help you learn anatomy.

Here are a few things about Netter’s Atlas of  Human Anatomy that are particularly helpful:

-Clear and Detailed Pictures

While at times overwhelming, you quickly grow to appreciate the level of detail present in the illustrations. The pictures are clear, colorful and well labeled.

-Multiple Viewing Orientations

One of the challenges in Anatomy Lab is identifying structures from multiple viewing angles. The Netter Atlas demonstrates anatomy from multiple perspectives and cuts. Countless times I remember coming up to a cadaver during an Anatomy exam and recalling an illustration from Netter that matched the same view during the test.

-Sheer Amount of Illustrations

Over 500 pages of anatomy fill this book. Every limb, every organ, every cavity in the body is peeled or cut away and displayed clearly. Only rarely did I ever crack open Netter and not find what I was looking for.

If you are a medical student taking Anatomy, there is no getting around the huge amount of time you will need to spend studying for the class. But Netter’s Atlas made everything a little better, and I cannot imagine going through the class without it.

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I also found the Netter Flashcards helpful, although they are not a replacement for the Atlas.

Note: If you click through to Amazon on a link from this page and purchase something, I will get a small percentage as a referral. It will go towards helping pay off my mountains of medical school debt. Thanks!

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