Yesterday I introduced myself to a man, examined his eyes, ears, mouth, throat and heart and then left, all while being watched and critiqued by another person.

OSCEs are weird. And awkward.

Nobody really knows what OSCE stands for, but I think most medical students know what it means.

For those in the dark, I’ll share. It’s a fake patient encounter where med students are evaluated on their clinical exam skills. It’s usually pretty straightforward, the doctors grading it are supportive and goes by very quickly.

But for whatever reason, it is a really stressful experience!

Most of my fellow students are the same way. We stress a little before, and then when it’s over with, we all say, “well, that was easy,” and get on with our lives.

My OSCE went fine, save for some shaky hands. One more awkward step complete on my journey through medical school!

One thought on “OSCE”

  1. Haha! Unfortunately that sounds like one situation where playing epic montage music won’t make it better.
    Also-thanks for the great med school application advice!

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