Scores are up! My MCAT score: 32M

I’m very, very happy. I was hoping for anything 30 and over. I’m disappointed with the M, Jumpingbut everything that I’ve read says that it’s not that big of a deal. 

32! I’m so stoked!

That should make me competitive for the schools I want to apply to.

Anyone else care to share their scores? How are you feeling about it?

12 thoughts on “Scores are up! My MCAT score: 32M”

  1. Hi Daniel, I did not take any prep courses for my score. I’ll go into more detail in the future about my preparation but here’s the short of it- I mostly used Exam Krackers and the official practice tests to study.

    Congrats on your score!

  2. Hi! I just got my scores too… 32M (10V, 12P, 10B). Where have you read about the M score?… I was thinking it was pretty detrimental… What schools are you interested in applying to?

    I’ve taken it before and got a 30 0 (11V, 7P, 12B)… Are you aware of whether they look at both scores because in my case that might be beneficial?

  3. Hey there. I have read that the M score should not be that big of a deal. Just show that you have some writing ability in your Personal Statement and secondaries.

    I’m applying to 14 schools, 7MD and 7DO. I’ll have a post up eventually about the schools I am applying to.

    Some schools look at both scores, some only look at your most recent and some only look at your best as far as I understand. You’ll have to check with each school individually if you want to find out for sure.

  4. Dan win’s nothing more then the “I am a douchebag” award

    Also the “I will be a terrible doctor” award

  5. 45T looks like you lose! By the way.. congrats Dan, I hope you tell all your future patients!

  6. 1) I gots me a 12 (inch) P… that more than demolishes all of you

    2) I am guessing that Dan is asian and “Dan” is not your real name…more like Wangshuleifungee but call me “Dan”

  7. Congratulations! I just got my score a few days ago and got a 32Q. Nobody cares about the writing portion anyway. Good luck with your endeavors.

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