Summer Links

Cowboys and Pit Crews.

– Atul Gawande delivers the commencement address at Harvard Medical School. Anyone interested in medicine should read this. IMG_0651

My Article on Men’s Health for Student Health 101.

-This is the only way I know to link to it. You can get to it by clicking on the icon for Men’s Health Checklist at the bottom. It’s not life altering work, but it is cool to see my own work published somewhere besides this blog.

Want a Better College Experience? Start Your Own Independent Project.

-Pre med blogger Ryan offers up some unique advice for college students. Also, congrats to Ryan on the new writing gig!

An International Service Corps for Health

-An interesting idea that needs to be fleshed out a bit. Would you be interested?

That’s all for now. More posts to come soon, it’s amazing how much writing I can get done in the summer!

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