Surviving the First Year of Med School E-book?

Pre meds and those about to enter medical school: are you interested in an E-book that compiles advice, strategies and tips for surviving the first year of med school?

I am considering this as a summer project. I am thinking about interviewing other med students (bloggers, classmates, people who post on SDN etc) and combining their thoughts along with my own into an easily accessible e-book.

Points of view outside my own would be helpful considering my experience is just a small drop in the reality of the med school experience across the United States. Schools are different, people are different. I want to identify some broad principles that can be applicable to pretty much all first year medical students.

A few other thoughts:

  • I think around 20 pages would be a reasonable length.
  • A few ideas I’m tossing around in my head include advice for particular classes, handling relationships in med school, achieving balance and what to be thinking about in terms of the future.
  • I think it would be really cool if this were a free resource.
  • Essentially I want to make a great guide that would have been really useful to me last summer and throughout the past school year.

I would love to hear some of your feedback. Would you be interested in something like this?

If so, what topics would you like to see addressed?

7 thoughts on “Surviving the First Year of Med School E-book?”

  1. The cheapskate in me would be really interested in how med students handle their finances–fastfood or cooking, car or commute, rent or buy textbooks, those kinds of things :)

  2. I would definitely be interested in this E-book, especially if it was a free resource. Such a great idea! As already mentioned by The Pre-Med Guy, I am curious to how med students deal with financial struggles. Information on the whole tuition loan process, as I can imagine many students having to go through it. I have never had to take out a loan for school and am curious about if there is a cap on how much can be borrowed. And if/how much someone’s financial status played a key role in selecting the right med school. What factors/approach were used in choosing med schools…I would also be interested in reading materials in preparation for med school and in the first year as well.

  3. This e-book sounds like an amazing idea. I’d love to read it, and I know e-books are all the rage in driving traffic to your blog! Good luck!

  4. As a non-traditional premed, I would be very interested in something like this, particularly on the financial aspect of things.

  5. Important topics to inclulde

    Academics – how to study, how to do well on your exams/osces/rotations, finding a mentor, deciding on a specialty

    Life – financing medical school, debts, budgeting

    Social – have a life outside of medicine, maintain your hobbies, stay human

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