Simple, yet important tip: Get to know your professors

If you’re a pre med student, that means you’re at least moderately intelligent and have probably been successful throughout your educational career. That also means you’ve probably learned the art of sucking up (or kissing ass, or brown nosing, or whatever you want to call it). Now, I hate sucking up. I avoid doing it for many reasons, mostly because I can’t stand it when I see other people do it.
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The Best Pre Med Forums

One of the best places to find information about a topic quickly are internet forums. These forums can also be a place where community is built between people with common interests.

Several good pre med forums exist, and are a great resource for anyone trying to get into medical school. Here are the best pre med forums on the web, check them out and I think you’ll find they will be invaluable for your journey.

1. The (SDN) Forums

These are by far the most active pre med forums, and that is one of the reasons is probably the best pre med site out there. Thousands of pre meds use the site each day. It can actually be a little overwhelming at first because there are so many different forums to read. Here is a quick guide to the most useful parts of the site for pre med students:

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