MCAT Examkrackers Complete Study Package: A Med Student’s Review

Are you considering the Examkrackers MCAT Complete Study Package? Read my review first!Examkrackers complete package

The MCAT can make or break your medical school application. Choosing how to study for the MCAT is important and should be considered carefully. There are basically two options:

I knew I could study well on my own. After exploring pre med forums, it was clear that the Examkrackers books were the most popular option among successful MCAT test takers. What follows is a brief review of the MCAT Examkrackers Complete Study Package.


  • Comprehensive. The Examkrackers books cover Biology, Organic Chemistry, Chemistry, Physics, and Verbal Reasoning in great detail. The necessary formulas to memorize are clearly displayed. All the material is relevant to what you may encounter on the MCAT.
  • Easy to Understand. The books are written in plain English with a light-hearted tone, tossing in cheesy jokes without compromising the material.
  • Colorful. You´d be surprised how this makes studying the books more attractive.
  • Great Practice Questions. Practice questions are key to mastering the MCAT.


  • Writing section. The preparation for the writing section is weak and downplays it´s importance. I took this advice and scored poorly on the writing section.


I loved the Examkrackers Complete Study Package and was very pleased with my score of 32 on the MCAT. Click here to check out the Examkrackers Books at Amazon. It is well worth the investment.

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