Orientation, The First Day, The First Anatomy Lab: Medical School Begins!

Orientation at medical school started a week ago. My first class was yesterday, my first anatomy lab was today. The last week has been a blur.

I have to hold how I view the last two days in tension. In one way it has gone by crazy fast. However, when I think about the amount of information we have covered it feels like about two weeks.

Here are a few thoughts/observations from the first week:

-I’m much better at remembering names than I thought. I can’t tell you how many fellow classmates I’ve said hi to and they’ve responded, “I’m sorry, what was your name again.” Maybe I just have a forgettable face.

-No joke about how trying to assimilate information in med school is like “drinking from a fire hose.”

-When I start to feel a little overwhelmed, I think about how lucky I am to be here and how many want to be in my position.

-The Creighton Medical School chaplain said a prayer before we started anatomy lab today. She thanked the donors and reminded us of the privilege we have in dissecting them. Pretty cool.

-The squeamishness of cutting open a dead body passes very quickly. This is replaced by getting over the awkwardness of handling a scalpel and trying to tease away tissue without cutting through muscle. Periodically the thought of how strange this is still passes through your mind.

-My first quiz is next week. Yikes.

Until next time, peace.