Health Care Careers: Physician Assistant (PA). What is a Physician Assistant?


Does the idea of spending four years in medical school intimidate you? Not to mention at least three years in internship and residency? In spite of these fears, do you still have a strong desire to practice medicine?

Do you already have experience working in health care?

If these questions describe you, becoming a Physician Assistant may be the perfect option for you.

US News and World Report describes it as one of the 31 Careers with Bright Futures in 2008. Here’s what they have to say:

Don’t confuse physician assistants with medical assistants, who aren’t qualified to do much more than take your blood pressure. Physician assistants do 80 percent of what doctors do: conduct exams, diagnose conditions, prescribe medications, even assist in surgery. While PAs are supervised by physicians, they have considerable autonomy. And while pay isn’t doctorlike, it’s far from sickly.

The Physician Assistant career is one of fastest growing occupations in the country.

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Physician Assistant (PA) Programs in Alaska

There are no Physician Assistant programs in Alaska

Click here for an index of all the PA programs in the United States.
The closest program is in Washington state.

Learn more about the program here:

MEDEX Northwest Division of Physician Assistant Studies

Apply to the Physician Assistant program at University of Washington through the Central Application Service for Physician Assistants (CASPA)

Good luck!