Requirements for Medical School

Each medical school has it’s own set of requirements that each applicant to their school must meet. Every school requires an MCAT score and minimum course requirements that are outlined below. Volunteer experience, physician shadowing, relevant work experience etc will all depend on the school you are applying to.

Most medical schools require a basic course load that is very similar. Here are the main undergraduate courses that nearly every medical school will need in order to accept your application.

-1 year of general Biology with labs
-Anatomy and Physiology
-Other upper division Biology courses such as Genetics and Biochemistry

-1 year of general Chemistry with labs
-1 year of Organic Chemistry with labs

-1 year of Physics with labs

-At least 1 term of Calculus or Statistics


-Usually 1 year of English courses

Obviously the requirements vary quite a bit. Some school may require a whole year of English, while others may not require any at all. Math is another highly variable subject, some would like a whole year of Statistics or Calculus. Some schools may also like courses such as Cell Biology or Molecular Biology. If you have a school that you would really like to go to, be sure to check their pre reqs early on in your pre med journey. You don’t want to start applying to that school and realize that they had one obscure class that they want all their applicants to take. Do your research!

Do you have any questions about what is necessary to apply to medical school?