Find a mentor. Now.

Good will hunting

I just watched Good Will Hunting. What a great movie. Will Hunting is a troubled young genius in need of some direction in his life. Who to turn to in such a time of need? Robin Williams of course!

Maybe some of you can relate to the burden of superior brainpower and the subsequent need for guidance. Maybe you can’t read/memorize books in a few minutes like Will, but hey, you want to be a doctor so you must have something up there. Which brings to the best advice you’ll ever hear from me.
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Back to School Checklist

Ahh… the beginning of the school year. So many mixed feelings. The anticipation, the excitement and yes, the anxiety. Seeing old friends, old aquantances, and some people you’d probably rather not see. Buying books. Meeting professors. It’s a unique time of year, and I will truly miss it.

For those of you heading back to school now, or in a month or so, here are some tips to get your year off to a great start. Continue reading Back to School Checklist

Simple, yet important tip: Get to know your professors

If you’re a pre med student, that means you’re at least moderately intelligent and have probably been successful throughout your educational career. That also means you’ve probably learned the art of sucking up (or kissing ass, or brown nosing, or whatever you want to call it). Now, I hate sucking up. I avoid doing it for many reasons, mostly because I can’t stand it when I see other people do it.
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