The MCAT is Over!


I took the MCAT today. Crossing my fingers that I never have to take it again. I feel great, like a huge weight has been lifted. I’m still apprehensive about the score, but at least it is done!

I was scoring between 30-32 on the practice exams, and I had similiar feelings about the actual test, so I’m hoping that’s where my score will be.

I came home to relax, and I layed in bed reading some Lo and behold I come across this lovely article – Study: Medical Students More Depressed Than General Population.

So if I actually get in, I’ll be twice as likely to be depressed! That was a nice way to be greeted after taking the MCAT. : )

If you took the MCAT either of the last two days, I hope it went well. If you’re planning on taking it in the future, I’ll be posting some study tips that I found helpful soon.

I’m looking forward to writing on a more regular basis. Take care fellow journeyers!