Thoughts on Bike Commuting in Omaha

  • Potholes are bad. I basically had to jump my bike over one today that spanned most of the road.
  • Fellow cyclists are much more friendly here than in Portland- they will always nod, wave or say hi. I think it’s because bikers are so rare here. When we see each other, we need to raise our fists and say “Solidarity!” or something like that.
  • Omaha actually does have some bike lanes. However…
  • I have seen cars driving in a bike lane on two separate occasions. Really?
  • I bike past a donut place in the morning and the delicious scent always makes me want to stop. Perhaps in the near future.
  • My commute time is about the same whether I’m biking or driving. I think the difference comes from the time it takes to find a parking spot and walk from the parking lot. I just lock my bike up in front of the Science building and walk in.
  • Interested in bicycling in Omaha? Check out these links:
  • My steed is pictured below- I call her “Serenity.” Can anyone guess why?


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