Why Pre Med Students Should Read Medical Blogs

Vitum Medicinus says it’s because it will help you get into medical school. Check out this stellar article outlining all the reasons it’s a good idea to read as many medical blogs as possible.

Among some of the best reasons provided: you’ll write a better essay, you’ll know for sure if medical school is right for you and you’ll get a chance to have a conversation with medical professionals. The best part about the post is that it is stuffed with links to blog stories providing examples backing his reasons.

I hope Vitum is right, because I read a lot of medical blogs. They are terribly entertaining. Vitum Medicinus is one of my favorites, although the author is in medical school and he doesn’t write often enough (which is completely understandable).

So what are you waiting for? Find some great medical blogs, fire up that RSS reader, subscribe and have at it! Here are a couple ER blogs to get started:

Crass-Pollination: An ER Blog

ER Stories
Have fun!

4 thoughts on “Why Pre Med Students Should Read Medical Blogs”

  1. Just saw the comment you left on my blog – I agree with Vitum. I can’t even begin to tell you how many blogs I read during medical school :)

    I honestly think the stories you get are unfiltered and give you a unique insight on the field. I personally can’t speak highly enough of medicine… lots of highs and lows, but more real than I had ever imagined.

  2. Yeah, I’ve really enjoyed the blogs I have found (including yours!) and think that I have a better perspective on medicine because of them.

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